Brno Architecture Manual




Lerchova 265/29 (Stránice) Brno Střed

Public transport: Kampelíkova (TROL 35, 39)

Heinrichova (TRAM 4)

GPS: 49°11'53.673"N, 16°35'1.752"E



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A design by Bohuslav Fuchs was used for the construction of a villa for Jaroslav Marcha, a writer, journalist and politician, on the corner of Lerchova and Kampelíkova streets in 1923. This three-story building is, like the nearby villas designed by Fuchs for the "Family" housing cooperative, proof of the architect's search for his own means of expression. The geometrical segmentation of the facade by means of ledges, sills and pillars draws on the late stage of Prague Cubism, which had already embraced the purist ideas; however, the hipped roof with bays and the cumbersome mass of the building refer to historicism.





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