Brno Architecture Manual




Kaplanova 276/5 (Stránice) Brno Střed

Public transport: Barvičova (TROL 35,39)

Marie Pujmanové (TROL 38)

Náměstí Míru (TRAM 4)

GPS: 49°12'4.355"N, 16°34'26.747"E



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The villa built in 1934 for MUDr. Romuald Kostřica and designed by Evžen Škarda is situated at Kaplanova 5 in the Pod vodojemem colony. Like most of the surrounding houses this villa benefits from the southern slope of the garden and most rooms face that direction.
The northern street facade with a minimum number of windows conceals the service facilities and a separate entrance to the ground floor. It houses storage spaces, garage, the janitor's apartment, staircase to the first floor and a studio flat. The first floor features the kitchen, two bedrooms separated by a shared coatroom and bathroom as well as a large living room with a terrace, which also served as the dining room and study. Its individual functionally separated zones are only indicated by a different type of the furniture preserved to this day and designed by Jaroslav Grunt. The garden facade of the villa with the long windows of the living room and the studio flat is decorated with wooden blinds which give a Mediterranean impression to the house.





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