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Zdráhalova 1658/34 (Černá Pole) Brno Sever

Public transport: Zdráhalova (TRAM 5)

Tomanova (TRAM 9, 11)

GPS: 49°12'33.899"N, 16°37'23.714"E



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This three-level apartment block built for the Hlaváč couple in Zdráhalova Street in 1931 is one of the most prominent designs by Zikmund Kerekes, whose buildings share certain nautical aesthetics. The street front over the central narrow entrance is divided by the glazed rounded tube of the staircase window into two halves. The left-hand side of the facade features the balconies of residential loggias and the gate of the garage with round windows; smaller windows of kitchens are situated on the right. Each floor housed only a single spacious three-room apartment with a glazed veranda whose large grid windows lighten the rear facade. The exterior of the house has been preserved virtually unchanged, except for the stone facing of the ground floor.





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