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Erbenova 370/3 (Černá Pole) Brno Sever

Public transport: Zimní stadion (BUS 67)

Zimní stadion (TROL 25, 26, 38, 39)

GPS: 49°12'32.799"N, 16°36'37.098"E



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A small apartment building with three generous apartments designed by Otto Eisler was built in Erbenova Street in 1929. This four-storey building in a line of buildings is nothing exceptional in the context of Eisler's work. The facade features the usual purist simplicity, the only outstanding element being the central bay segmented by strips of windows and the cornice. Each floor originally housed a single luxurious six-room apartment, the layout of which was divided into service areas (kitchen, preparation room, larder, housemaid's room and cloakroom) and the residential part (the owner's room, lady's room, children's bedroom, living room, lounge and dining room) mostly facing the street.





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